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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!
RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!


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The AeroShield comes completely assembled, ready for quick installation on any vehicle using the appropriate installation kit (included). It can be adjusted to virtually any angle, creating maximum aerodynamic efficiency by directing the air over the top and sides of the trailer. It quickly and easily folds flat when not in use. In the flat position, the AeroShield deflects the wind, reducing tailgate drag. Made of ultra strong polymer material and aircraft aluminum, the AeroShield is designed to flow with the lines of your vehicle. You can paint the AeroShield to match your vehicle.
  • Comes completely assembled!

  • Quick, easy installation – kit included!

  • Adjustable to virtually any angle!

  • Creates maximum aerodynamic efficiency!

  • Folds flat when not in use!

  • Aesthetically pleasing, with paintable surface!

  • Absolutely no drilling or modifying your tow vehicle required

  • Suitable for full-size tow vehicles such as Pickup Trucks and Cube
Description: Black
Size: 48" x 22"
0: 0

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