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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Ultra Fab Super Grip Chock Xl - Single Pack - 21001094

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The purpose of the Ultra-Fab Ultra Super Grip Chock XL is to enhance trailer occupant comfort by preventing the tandem wheels from moving. When the wheels are chocked, the annoying rocking motion is essentially eliminated. The Super Grip Chock XL is to be positioned between tandem wheels at the centerline. It functions by pressing a fixed distance outward (side to side) against the two wheels, locking one wheel to another. It is adjustable for tandem wheel spacing from approximately 3.5-inches to 17-inches. The adjustment is accomplished by turning the nut on the threaded rod protruding from the bottom of the unit. A ratchet wrench is included for final tightening. A padlock is included to lock the cover over the tightening bolt to discourage theft of the trailer or wheel chock. Do not rely on the Super Grip Chock as a brake. While it will assist in braking, other independent devices such as blocks or wedges should also be used.

To determine if the Super Grip Chock will fit your application, find the narrowest point between your tandem axle tires. Measure up 11-inches from that point, your tires will need to be at least 5-inches apart at that point for the Super Grip Chock to slide between the tires.

Ultra-Fab Ultra Super Grip Chock XL
Adjusts from 1.5" to 17"
Anchors Opposing Wheels of Tandem Axles
Eliminates Front-to-Back Rocking Motion
Heavy Duty Steel Construction
Pivoting Louvers Increase Tire Grip
Superior Handle Design Reduces Slippage While Mounting
E-Z Ratchet Included
Handy Padlock Deters Theft

Size: 3.5" - 17"
Pack: 1

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