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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Valterra FridgeCool Automatic Exhaust Fan for RV Refrigerator, 12 Volt - A102618VP

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Valterra's FridgeCool is an automatic refrigerator cooling fan designed to increase the efficiency of your RV's fridge in hot weather. The fan exhausts hot air from the top of the refrigerator compartment to keep it operating at peak performance. With a built-in thermo-switch, the fan turns on at 100°F and off at 80°F without any manual adjustment needed. The fan is energy efficient, drawing less than 1 milliamp of power and has a quiet operation. The fan can be mounted in 4 different ways, including the fridge vent, back of the fridge, floor behind the fridge or wall mounted. The fan comes with a 12' wire, lighted ON/OFF switch, mounting bracket, straps, and hardware. With its 1-year warranty, the FridgeCool refrigerator cooling fan is an excellent choice for RV enthusiasts. Features: Refrigerator exhaust fan helps expel warm air from your fridge's coils to improve efficiency Pushes hot air toward exhaust vent and out of your RV Automatic activation - no manual adjustment required Monitors temperature via internal thermostat Turns on when temperature is 100 F and off when temperature is 80 F Override switch lets you shut down fan when your RV's in storage Quiet operation limits noise Fan installs near the vent, on the floor, or along the back of your fridge Connect wiring directly to a 12-volt power source Mounting bracket, straps, and hardware included Specs: Fan dimensions: 4-1/4" diameter x 3" tall Switch dimensions: 1-1/4" long x 5/8" wide x 7/8" thick Amp draw (at 12 volts): 49.8 mA Air flow: 12.5 CFM 1-Year warranty Installation The FridgeCool refrigerator exhaust fan can be mounted in 4 different ways: Fridge vent: Twist the wings of the fan into the caulking that seals the vent to the top of your refrigerator. Back of fridge: Secure the fan to the fridge's coils using the included metal straps and hardware. Floor behind fridge: Secure the fan to the floor behind the fridge using the included metal straps. Wall mount: Install the fan on the back of your fridge with the included bracket and screws. After choosing a mounting location for the fan and override switch, connect the black wire from the negative (-) fan motor terminal to your ground location. Connect the red wire from the fan to the back of the override switch, then connect the override switch to a 12-volt power source. A10-2618VP Valterra Fridge Cool Refrigerator Cooling Fan for RVs - 4.25" Diameter x 3.0" Tall - 12V

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