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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

RULEFloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump - 18550000A

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Hey there, fellow RV adventurer! Are you tired of dealing with messy and time-consuming waste disposal methods? Well, look no further than the FloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump! It's the ultimate solution for keeping your RV clean and hassle-free!

Efficient Waste Disposal: This amazing pump is designed to break down solid waste into smaller particles, making it a breeze to empty your holding tank at designated dumping stations. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to smooth and efficient waste disposal!

Convenience and Versatility: Installing the FloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump is a breeze, thanks to its compact and portable design. You can easily use it in your RV or camper, or even at home for other waste disposal needs. It's versatile and convenient, making your life on the road so much easier!

Time-saving and Hygienic: Dumping waste can be messy and time-consuming, but not with this pump! It's a quick and hygienic solution that will save you time and effort compared to traditional methods. No more spills or odors to worry about!

Avoidance of Dump Station Limitations: Some dumping stations have restrictions on the type of waste they accept or how often you can dump. But with the FloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump, you'll have more flexibility! You can easily comply with dumping station limitations and empty your holding tank hassle-free.

Increased RV Lifestyle Flexibility: Say goodbye to being limited to RV parks or campgrounds with full hook-up facilities. With this pump, you can choose your camping or RVing destinations more freely! You can use it at designated dumping stations, even in remote areas, and have the flexibility to explore more!

Reliability and Durability: FloJet is a well-known and trusted brand in the RV industry, known for their high-quality and durable products. The FloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump is built to last, with a tough motor and construction that can handle the demands of RV waste disposal. You can trust it to be reliable and dependable!

In summary, the FloJet RV Macerator 12 Volt Waste Pump is your perfect RV companion, offering efficient waste disposal, convenience, time-saving, and increased flexibility for your RV lifestyle. It's a reliable and durable option that will make your RV adventures even more enjoyable. Say goodbye to messy waste disposal and hello to a cleaner and more convenient solution with FloJet! Get yours today and make your RV life a breeze!

The RV macerator pump can empty a 30 gallon (115 liter) holding tank in 3 minutes!
Grinds waste into small particles for easy disposal
Self-priming with a flow rate of 13 gpm (49 lpm)
Pump can be permanently installed for easy holding tank evacuation into a toilet or plumbing clean out access
Connects directly to the RV waste outlet, eliminates 3" sewer hose
Dump longer distances and drain holding tanks at home using any convenient sewer receiver
Garden hose discharge port, fresh water rinse capabilities
Remote handheld on / off switch with 6' wire harness, run dry protection
Easy clean up and storage, includes rugged portable storage case
Run dry protection up to 30 seconds
Motor: 12 Vdc Permanent Magnet Type, Fully Enclosed, with Stainless Steel Shaft
Macerator: Stainless Steel Cutter reduces particle size to 1/8" (3.17 mm) maximum

GPM: 13
Volts: 12
Amps: 16

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