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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Adco Deluxe RV Windshield Cover for Class B and Class C Motorhomes - White (2524)

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Throw this heavy-duty cover over the windshield of your Class B or C RV to protect it from sun, rain, dirt, and debris. Roll the panels down to enjoy fresh morning air with built-in mesh screens, and then roll them up when you need privacy at night.

  • Cover protects the windshield and the side windows on the front of your Class B or Class C motorhomeShields your dash and seats from fading in the sun
  • Cools down your RV's interior on a hot day
  • Reduces premature aging to help extend the life of your RV
  • Heavy-duty, durable vinyl material is flexible enough to wrap around the front of your RVSoft, breathable material on the back prevents the buildup of mold and mildew
  • White color
  • Built-in mesh screens let you enjoy the fresh air without being bothered by bugs
  • Roll-down panels cover screens to give you privacy once you're in for the night
  • Included storage bag lets you stash the cover away when you're not using it
  • Easy installation with sewn-in door pockets and extra-strength magnetsDoor pockets get shut into the door to help prevent the cover from being stolen
  • Magnets are weighted enough to stay in place even in high winds

  • Application: Class B and Class C motorhomes
  • 3-Year warranty

Visit for up to date application information.

Want to block out the sun on a particularly hot day so you can reduce the amount of time you need to run the AC? But you still want to be able to enjoy the light breeze on a nice spring day? This heavy-duty, deluxe vinyl cover protects the windshield and front 2 windows of your Class B or Class C motorhome. It'll prevent the dashboard and seats from fading and cracking, give you some relief from the sun during the worst of summer, protect the windows from getting dings or scratches, and stop leaves and dirt from getting into the grille. When you keep your windshield and front windows covered, you won't need to wash and wax them as frequently. And if you want to trade your RV in for a newer one later down the road, this cover will help maintain that resale value.

Utilizing the Built-In Mesh Screens and Roll-Down Panels

It's a beautiful morning and you want to be able to enjoy the fresh air while sipping your coffee. The built-in, ventilated mesh screens will let natural light in while simultaneously keeping bugs and other pests out. The screens provide a clear view of the lake or mountain you're camped by, but they'll still give you a semi-sense of privacy so it's difficult for the next-door RVers to see you making breakfast in your pajamas. And then when you are about to settle in for the night and need total privacy, you can roll the panels up until they completely cover the screens and secure them with the magnets on the top.

Securing the Cover onto Your Windshield

Carefully spread the flexible cover around your RV's windshield, making sure it's centered. Once it's in place, wrap the cutouts around the bases of your sideview mirrors and secure with the integrated hook-and-loop fasteners.

Then gently lift the cover up on each side until it covers the window and slide the sewn-in door pockets over the interior corners of each door. After you close the doors, these pockets will act as anti-theft tabs to help prevent someone from stealing the cover when you are out on a hike.

Finally, position the extra-strength magnets toward the bottom of the cover wherever you need them on the doors. These weighted magnets will keep the cover in place on your RV on a very windy day, and the soft, breathable material on the back will prevent mold and mildew developing after a bad rainstorm.

Application: Ram ProMaster® 2014-2021

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