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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!
RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Valterra 1/2" MPT X 3/8" Barb Coupler / Straight Black Male Adapter - (RF883)

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Valterra RF883 1/2" MPT x 3/8" Barb Straight Black Male Adapter

What people are saying about this product:

"This product is a basic 3/8" (~10mm, or -6AN) barb coupler, made of polymer. It seems pretty heavy-duty because I cannot deform it with my fingers. However, bashing it against the ground (don't ask why), I was able to dull the tips a bit. I wouldn't be concerned about it for applications with reasonable temperatures and pressures, but I don't know if I trust it for high temperature or high pressure applications. I'd suggest a brass one instead. If the rest of your barbs are brass, be safe and use a brass one here too.

This product will let you extend a bare 3/8" line by joining a second one to the other side. It could be on an air compressor, propane grill, automotive engine compartment, or any number of other applications.

Do not forget to secure your hoses with appropriate hose clamps or hose finishers on both sides of this coupler."  - Stephan M.

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