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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Heng's Vortex I Vent Upgrade Kit - 90043CR

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Heng's 90043-CR Vortex I Single Speed 12 volt RV Roof Vent Upgrade Kit; Vortex I are fan inserts that are used to replace the fan or install a fan into a Standard 14" RV Roof Vent.

An RV Roof Vent is needed to place the insert into, vent and inner garnish ring are not included with the inserts.

Fits Heng's and Ventline 14" RV Roof Vents Manufactured after 2016, it may fit various models but end user will need to verify.
DOES NOT fit Fantastic Brand
Rounded Corners on unit

**12 volt ONLY 110/115/220 volt such as in a house or generator will damage the unit**
12 volt Fan Motor
9" Fan Blade
1.8 amps of power required
DO NOT let the unit hang by wires as you will damage the unit.
NOTE: Vortex New Design has a pre-stamped cut-out for a fuse that is required in Canada. This is not a defect in the housing but the new design by the manufacturer.

Single Speed Fan
Vortex Fan Speed 188 CFM (188 Cubic Feet Per Minute)
High Velocity Air Fan System over 300% more air flow movement
On/Off Switch Push Button Style
Removable Fine Mesh Screen included
Do Not allow unit to be exposed to rain, this will damage the motor over time.

NO Interior Garnish Ring included, this is insert only
NO Vent included, this is insert only

Description: Single speed. 9” blade.
Color: White
0: 0

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