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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!


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Max Flex solar panels feature a mesh grid-technology that provides superior durability and performance benefits. With approximately 2000 points of contact per cell, this mesh grid-technology allows the panel to flex up to 180°, without impacting output. The Max panel was tested to be 50 times more durable than a standard flexible panel. A highly protective ETFE (Ethylene-Tetra-Fluoro-Ethylene) top layer allows for better light transmittance, corrosion resistance, stain-resistance, weather resistance, and overall superior durability over a wide temperature range, compared to non-ETFE semi-flexible panels. The Max panel can harvest up to 20% more energy during the day in low light or shaded conditions compared to a standard panel. Peel-and-stick adhesive backing eliminates gluing or drillling.

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