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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

ParkPower by Marinco RV EEL Pigtail Locking Adapter 15A M to 30A F, 125V- P1530RV

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EEL jaw clamp technology for tight lock.
Includes a second lock for water tight seal.
LED power indicator.
Large grip handle keeps hand safe from electrical contact.
15A straight blade w/ locking screw male, 30A locking female.
Adapts different power sources.
Easy insert and removal.
Cord light.
5 year limited warranty.
Pigtail Locking Adapter 15A M to 30A F, 125V by Marinco
This adapter is a great way to hook your RV up to the campgrounds power source. This product is very safe to use, is easier to fasten then the old locking ring with the new locking clamp and large grip handle, the blue indicator light ensures that you are connected and live.
Electrical Power Adapter for your RV
Do you need a safer and easier way to hook your 30A RV side power to the 15A park side power source? The Marinco RVEEL Pigtail Locking Adapter 15A M to 30A F, 125V allows you to easily connect, without having to struggle with the locking ring to get a proper connection and it's safer with the large grip keeping your hand away from the electrical box.
Connects RV to Park Outlet
This RVEEL adapter design enables you to connect from one park side receptacle (or other power source receptacle) to one RV side inlet or equipment of dissimilar power configuration. The female end connects to your RV and the male plugs into the park outlet, the LED blue light indicator will tell you whether you have a proper connection or not. Once hooked up you can begin using power.
Technical Specs.
Color: yellow.
End type 1: 3 prong male plug on park side.
End type 2: female connector on RV side.
Ampere rating: 15 amp. male, 30 amp. female.
Voltage: 125 volt.
CSA approved: yes.
With plug head handle: yes.

Male: 15A
Female: 30A
0: 0

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