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Enjoy FREE SHIPPING on orders over $100!


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GalvX is a two part coating process using a base layer of specially formulated E-coat to provide superior corrosion protection and a top layer of epoxy powder coat to form a hard shell finish. GalvX protects better than hot dipped galvanizing.
  • High-performance lubrication system

  • 100,000 mile or 6 year limited warranty

  • "No Touch" lubrication system

  • Filled with Lucas Marine heavy duty grease

  • No maintenance/service necessary

  • No re-greasing or inspection needed

  • Reusable dust cap is threaded for easy removal
Description: GalvX 5 Stud UHI
Capacity: 1750 lbs.
Bearings: 1-3/8" & 1-1/16"

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