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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Valterra EZ Flush Viper RV Sewer Hose 15-foot Extended - D04-0450

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The Valterra RV EZ Flush Viper Extension Hose is the ultimate hose for RVers who want a durable and reliable solution for draining their black-water and gray-water tanks at a dump station. This hose is made of tough material that can bounce back when stepped on, making it resistant to punctures and UV rays. It comes fully assembled with rotating bayonet adapters and a universal sewer fitting for easy use.

• Indestructible hose that bounces back when stepped on
• Easily compresses and stays compressed for storage
• Comes completely assembled with rotating bayonet fittings attached
• Universal sewer adapter for gas-tight connections
• Durable, 135 mil protective beading for added durability
• Hose holds its position for superior draining
• 25 mil TPE material with UV protection for long-lasting performance
• Hose springs back when compressed, making it easy to store
• Stays flexible even in cold temperatures down to -20-DegreeF
• Outer bead provides superior protection, allowing dragging without worry
• Hoses collapse for easy storage
• Kit includes one 15' hose with rotating fittings, 2 drip caps, and a 90-Degree sewer adapter

Description: Hose Kit
Length: 15'
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