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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Valterra External Filter Kit Dual #6/10 Cart - A011139

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The Valterra External Filter Kit Dual #6/10 Cart - part # A011139 is a water filtration system manufactured by Valterra, a company that specializes in products for the RV and mobile home industries. This kit includes an external filter housing and two filter cartridges, a #6 and a #10. It is designed to be installed on the exterior of the RV or mobile home and it can be used to filter the water coming into the unit. The filter cartridges are designed to remove impurities and particles from the water such as sediment, rust, and chlorine, to improve the taste and quality of the water. The dual-cartridge configuration allows for multiple levels of filtration, providing a higher level of water purification. The kit is also designed to be lead-free, which means that it doesn't contain lead as an ingredient and is compliant with the Safe Drinking Water Act..
  • Filters through sediment pre-filter to remove dirt and large particles, then through an advanced carbon block filter to reduce fine sediment/rust, chlorine tastes and odors, and volatile organic chemicals (VOCs)
  • Includes: dual housing, sediment pre-filter (10 micron), advanced carbon block filter (0.5 micron), wall bracket, and wrench

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