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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!
RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Lippert Alpha 4034 Acrylic RV Roof Coating/Sealant, White, 1 Gallon - 804-862401

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Are you tired of constantly worrying about the condition of your RV roof? ALPHA 4034 Acrylic Roof Coating is here to help! This versatile sealant works wonders on polyurethane foam, aluminum, galvanized steel, fiberglass, and even cured concrete.

Not only does this formula help maintain and add durability to your RV's roof surface, but it also reflects light and heat, keeping the temperature of your RV down. Plus, you can re-coat as often as needed to keep your roof in top condition.

At Alpha Systems, we understand that maintaining your RV can be a hassle, which is why we've created a holistic lineup of tapes, sealants, adhesives, and cleaners all formulated specifically for your RV.

So why wait? Give your RV the TLC it deserves with ALPHA 4034 Acrylic Roof Coating. Application is a breeze - just ensure the surface is clean, dry, and free of moisture or oils before applying with a brush or roller. A skin will begin to form after 20 minutes, and you can expect a completely cured surface after just 4-6 hours. 1 gallon covers approx. 200 sq.

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