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RV PandA ships FAST! Enjoy Free Shipping When YOU Spend $100* or MORE!

Thetford Portable RV Waste Holding Tank Titan Tote 2-Wheel, 35 Gallon - 40955

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Introducing the Titan 2-Wheel Tote - the ultimate solution for hassle-free RV waste management! With its innovative design and unbeatable features, the Titan 2-Wheel Tote makes emptying your RV tanks a breeze, allowing you to enjoy your camping adventures to the fullest.

One of the standout features of the Titan 2-Wheel Tote is its unique horizontal emptying design, which eliminates the need to tip the tank on end. This means no more messy spills or awkward maneuvers - just a smooth, easy emptying process that saves you time and effort. Plus, with the AutoStop™ Level Gauge, you'll never have to worry about overfilling your tank again, ensuring efficient venting for faster tank emptying.

Cleaning up has never been easier with the large washout port, allowing for easy rinsing and maintenance. The integrated side handles and ladder hook make maneuvering a breeze, and the pre-attached strap allows you to easily hook it up to your trailer hitch for maximum convenience. The rugged, heavy-duty wheels provide durability and stability, making it a breeze to transport your waste water to the dumping station.

But that's not all! The Titan 2-Wheel Tote also comes with the Titan RV sewer hose that stays attached for faster, more sanitary use. No need to worry about fumbling with hoses or dealing with messy connections - the Titan RV sewer hose is ready to use right out of the box, saving you time and effort.

And with multiple sizes to choose from - 35 Gallon, 27 Gallon, and 21 Gallon - you can select the perfect capacity to suit your needs. Whether you're a full-time RVer or just enjoying a weekend getaway, the Titan 2-Wheel Tote is the ultimate companion for convenient and sanitary wastewater management.

But wait, there's more! If you're looking for even better maneuverability, check out the 4-wheel Titan Portable Waste Tank Totes! With a sturdy tow handle that hooks to your trailer hitch, these tanks offer unparalleled convenience and ease of use. Plus, they also come with the Titan RV sewer hose and sewer elbow, making them the complete package for all your waste water management needs.

Don't let waste water management be a hassle on your camping trips. Upgrade to the Titan 2-Wheel Tote or 4-Wheel Tote and experience the ultimate in convenience, efficiency, and sanitation. Get yours today and become a happy camper with the Titan Tote!

Titan Part # 40953 - Titan Tote 2-Wheel, 21 Gallon
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Titan Part # 40955 - Titan Tote 2-Wheel, 35 Gallon
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Titan Part # 40951 - Titan Tote 4-Wheel, 27 Gallon
Titan Part # 40952 - Titan Tote 4-Wheel, 35 Gallon

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